The Fire

Teenage Girl

I was walking home from school as usual, but I didn’t hear it until I was quite close. I had my headphones in; had just ripped my Dad’s old Jackson Five albums the night before. They are awesome.

Anyway, I was just thinking about that nasty Michelle from Jenny’s class who keeps calling me Tomboy when I heard it. I looked up and saw this red monster of a fire truck in front of me! I haven’t had a shock like that since Jenny told me she wasn’t a virgin anymore. Hang on, that was just last week.

So, I saw the truck and realised that all my neighbours were standing around staring at those old flats on Cleary Crescent. The ones that we called “refugee camp” because they looked so rotten. No wonder it caught fire.

No one died. I guess that’s a good thing, right? They made a big deal when two of the firemen went in with those gas masks on, looking like they were in some Nazi film and carried Veronica out of the building. Veronica was the centre of attention again, even in a fire! She’s Tommy’s older sister. Now Tommy, he is a cool guy. My best friend in the world… I wonder if he’s ok? Oh yeah, he’s at footie practice, so he wouldn’t be back yet. Tommy’s the smartest and coolest kid in school.

Anyway, I talked to the fire guys and seems that the smoke alarms saved the day. Guess I should try and remember to take the socks off the smoke alarm in my room or I might get fried!



You stand by the fire engine and you see him, or is it her, walk down the street. You see her nearly walk into the parked vehicle, clearly deep in thought. As she slowly takes in the situation, you see the shock register in her face. You want to go over and calm her, but you just stand still.

She slowly moves. You follow her line of sight and carefully read the faces in the crowd. There are a few whom you recognise, but mostly not.

You hear the crowd gasp in unison and you turn to look at the entrance of the burning building. You see two firemen coming out of the building, carrying an unconscious girl. You note the gas masks that they wear.

You move around the crowds, looking for that girl again. You see her talking to the firemen. Your eyes involuntarily follow their hands as they gesticulate, pointing and waving above their heads.