The Yellow Wallpaper by Bandari

This piece is the retelling of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.


John pampers her so. Of course, it is appropriate for a physician of high standing to be seen in such a place, but is it necessary to secure an ancestral hall for the entire summer?

They all keep such a brave and positive front when they are with her. No one dares to tell her the truth; that she is not only sick, but also harmful to others. John tries to keep it light with her, as I know that he loves her dearly and wants only for her to get better. I am in awe of his dedication but I fear her.

I was not surprised when John asked me to be their housekeeper. I am happy to be able to help my brother and knowing how little she does in the house, I think John desperately needs me.

I hear their quarrels at night. It always saddens John and makes her tired. John does everything for her, yet it seems like it is still not enough for her.

They are using the room upstairs. It is large and airy, with lots of sunshine throughout the day. It is an uplifting room in every way except for the bars in the windows. The bars were there for the children before, but somehow, it feels like they were put there for her.

The wallpaper in their room is desperately in need of attention. John did not want any work done to the room as it is only for the summer, but she would not let it go. She fusses over the wallpaper day in and day out. When she thinks that she is alone, she even talks to it! I try to watch her as I fear that she might hurt herself, but each time she sees me, she shies away and goes to lie down.

She thinks that we do not know that she writes. John tells me that the writing encourages her madness and needs to be stopped. I don’t see her write, but I find pieces of her writing hidden everywhere! I used to read them, but they make me nervous. I just collect them now. I place them in a beautiful tin box that I found in the garden shed. On its cover, it has a dreamy painting of a lady dressed in white, standing in a lavender field. She has her head tilted to the sun, her eyes closed.

I had let my curiosity get the better of me when I went to have a better look at the wallpaper. She had gone out into the garden, so I thought I had a few minutes. I always see the yellow of the wallpaper on their clothes. Curious, I went up to touch it. My hands were not stained. The yellow did not come off!

I wanted to look deeper into the wallpaper but alas! she was there behind me. I excused myself quickly, shaken by the encounter. She just stared at me, grinning. It was as if there was a secret between the wallpaper and her.