TED: Free Knowledge and Inspiration, An Idea Worth Sharing?

TED has attracted the attention of many around the globe, including a list of important thinkers of today. This paper has been devoted to understanding TED precisely because it reflects a section of our society that has been influenced by the developments of media and technology and the consequences of these developments. In an ever-changing landscape of media culture, it felt appropriate to reflect the criticisms on TED against the variety of media culture theories and discussions of the last decade. I hope to show that media culture and its products, like TED, are deeply intertwined with the developments or changes in technology, society and politics. The virtual world and the real world are not two separate entities in the case of TED, but one, albeit with two platforms. These platforms have a symbiotic relationship, which at any point, if one were to be removed, the other would not be able to function in the world we have today, within media culture.


If you are interested in reading the full paper, you can download the PDF copy here:

TED: Free Knowledge and Inspiration, An Idea Worth Sharing?

This paper was initially written for a postgraduate assignment.  As this is a working version, please note that it should not be cited yet unless the author is contacted first.  To do so, please email yen(at)yenooi.com.

Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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