Like a cat with an open can of tuna (it probably stole)

I move into the new year with big plans like most of us. Problem is, plans come with changes, and plans and changes come with a whole load of questions. Nothing is for free, you know.
A big question that I’ve been asking myself recently is, ‘What does success look like, to me?’ The answer is vague, but I gathered that I would like to be able to continue doing what I’m doing (writing and working in publishing), reach out to more readers, and get paid a little bit more. So, armed with my skills, hands-on experience, and a brilliant, supportive network, I dive into the deep-end of 2015 safe in the knowledge that I’m swimming alongside the best.
To kick things off, I’ll be working with an amazing author (and founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors – ALLi), Orna Ross, to develop and market her non-fiction venture called Go Creative! We’ve started working on it a little now, and I’m really excited about what the future holds for Go Creative! as I think it’s a great platform to encourage creative development in all. Keep your eyes peeled!
I’m also working with fellow freelancer Lisa Goll (owner of London Writers’ Cafe) to develop a more concise offering of author services, to any writer (of any level). We decided to go forth with this project as we both agree that the ever-changing environment of publishing today really means that knowledge should be shared. With our collective skills and experience, we have lots to offer, and we are in strong networking positions to continue learning and growing, keeping on top of developments.
Book reviewing has also taken my interest recently, as it’s a service that’s very sought-after, but is losing sight of quality and purpose, as with many things today. Authors struggle to get decent, non-bias reviews, and seek instead for ratings and one-liners from friends and family, where possible. There are only a select number good review sites, and due to the demand, even those that were approachable before have had to develop criteria that pushes a lot of writers away. I’m collaborating with Becky Trenow, my English Literature colleague and English teaching expert to research further into book reviewing, in hopes of developing a platform that would help more books.
Lastly, but most importantly, I’ll still be writing, and hopefully a bit more in 2015. Depending on developments with my publisher, I’ll be aiming to release two books this year, alongside a few more short stories. My existing short stories are all being polished up by my wonderful editor, Richard Sheehan as we speak. My comic writing sees a new development with collaboration with a new artist from Minesweeper Collective, as my lovely comic book partner, Kathryn spends some time with her newborn this year.
So, with all the projects lined-up, success, to me, is going to look like a cat with an open can of tuna. Pure de-light! I will lap up each moment as it comes, and fully appreciate what it means to be free and creative.
PS: If you’re interested in any of the above projects, or have any comments, thoughts, or advice, feel free to get in contact at yen(at)
Odin & Freya eating

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