The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Month

Excuse me, First of December. A word, if I may, please. You know you’ve come too soon, right? Yet you’re just on time. How do you do it?
At the eleventh hour of the eleventh month, I sat down, fingers poised over my keyboard, brains searching for news on what’s gone on in the month that has flown by like my friend, Terry the Pterodactyl, I realised that it was a month jam-packed with goody-goodness.
Starting with NaNoWriMo that was for me, more successful than the years before, but still unaccomplished. It taught me that I’m not a disciplined writer, but one who intertwines work with writing, with life. I say this positively as I know what it takes for me to finish writing a book, and I also know that I’m driven to keep writing. At this year’s NaNoWriMo, I celebrate the fact that my first book, that I had started writing at NaNoWriMo two years ago, is published, and is doing well out there in the big bad world. If it doesn’t sound too weird, I would love to say a quick ‘well done’ to Sun. And ‘thank you’ too, for making me a happy author.
Goodreads giveaway
November also saw my Goodreads Giveaway campaign for Sun. I had expected a couple of hundred requests for the entire campaign, and was blown away by the final 1,313 requests! I packaged up the signed copies of Sun and had them sent off to Melitta and Pat in Canada, and Debra in America. I’m so excited that they will be reading Sun, and hopefully some of the 600 people who have added it to their ‘to-read’ list will be doing just that too.
Having thought about my books, I turned to an older project of mine – Earth.0. Do you remember it? A transmedia science fiction project, I pulled out Earth.0’s old files and creations that were collaborations with other writers and artists for a bursary application to The Writing Platform. The bursary interested me as it provides a chance for a writer to partner up with a technologist to create new writing projects that doesn’t conform to traditional mediums. It made me think about my research in the areas of ‘experiencing text’ and got me excited about continuing with that work.
Finally, November also saw ‘Parliament Week’ – a week of Outreach by the Parliament, and notably (for us science fiction-ers anyway), the #SciFiParl event, where we got to hear and discuss what parliament in a hundred years would be like. Though visions were mixed, some bleak, others bleaker(!), there was an underlying theme of democratic reach of knowledge and access to vote, connecting every person in the country. This made me think that the powers of the future will not be with the politicians, or those with money, but those who control the data flow.
Something for you to ponder upon as you head to the shops to buy the next gadget for Christmas…while I switch off the laptop and head to my kitchen for coffee and biscuits. This talk of elevenses is making me hungry.
Coffee and breakfast rolls by @kenephatfingers

Coffee and breakfast rolls by @kenephatfingers


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