Loki, the Jewish cat (very short story)

When a good friend of mine – who is also our third cat, Loki – decided to move across the pond, I wrote him this little tale. It’s just fun little story to show that success comes in many surprising forms, and sometimes, we have to struggle first before we will find it.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this silly yarn that I had spun.


Of course the cat's story was a pack of lies.

Of course the cat’s story was a pack of lies.

Loki, the Jewish cat moved to a new place. He was annoyed with his new neighbours as they seem to love eating non-kosher mice. Loki decided to do something about it. Now, Loki hated celery and believed that all cats hate celery, so he started executing his evil plan which began by feeding all the non-kosher mice celery.

Soon, all the mice heard about the free food that Loki was giving out, so they came and volunteered to consume all the celery that Loki could provide. As things progressed, Loki’s neighbours started tasting the difference in the mice. Loki, happy and proud of his handiwork boasted to all his neighbours that it was he, who sabotaged their meals, because he thought it was disgusting how they do not eat kosher meat.

To Loki’s initial disappointment, his neighbours all congratulated him on a job well done and thanked him! It turned out that they all love the new flavour of mice… of celery mice! It became so popular that Loki became the talk of the town and is now the favourite cat around. Even though he doesn’t eat the celery mice himself, he now owns the world-renowned brand of Loki Flavoured Mice. He is also good friends with all his neighbours now, who are coincidentally also his best customers.