Tech Dread

Sorry, this is just a rant about my bad tech day. More good stuff shall come on this blog as soon I’m up and running properly again.

Anyway, from a few years ago, I started being conscious about how reliable I am on my computer. I wanted to know that whatever happened to the hardware, I was safe, that I could function.

Today, that is being put to the test.

My MacBook Air died earlier today, and it was a dramatic death, drawn out in four login attempts over an hour. The final attempt resulted in starting-up to a question mark folder. I had run diagnostics before that and found that the hard drive was corrupted, and it could not be repaired (by itself). Before I could go in to just save any files that were not backed-up (thank goodness I don’t think there are any, as the last back-up was made just yesterday), it gave up.

So, for my MacBook Air, I just need to get it to the Apple Store and have some Genius look at it and let me know if it is save-able, and at what cost. Mini rant: I tried booking an appointment online, but it said there was none available, so I rang the store. I was told that I was the fourth in queue, but after ten minutes and still being the fourth in queue, I gave up. I called again after half an hour, to be told that I was the next in queue (yay!) and to finally speak to someone after five minutes, to then be told that I cannot make an appointment over the phone, and that the best thing is for me to download the Apple Store app (bloody hell), and check it as early in the morning as possible for when they release the appointment slots. So, that just means that I’m going to be busy the next few days, just trying to get a bloody appointment.


In the meantime, I’ve dug out my old MacBook, and am installing various things that I need on it, but I’m finding that the old hardware isn’t taking the new softwares too well. I’m still in the midst of installing stuff… so I can only ask for you all to be oh, so kind, to keep your fingers, toes, and anything else that can be crossed, crossed. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my normal set-up from the weekend, but if not… I fear that my pockets may have a holey future to come.

So, am I completely un-reliant on my hardware? Can I function without my favourite laptop?

The answer is yes, as all my stuff are backed-up in cloud based apps and softwares. BUT… All except for some work emails. Yup, this is why I say that all companies should use a Google-like set-up for their emails, that are archived and searchable.

I do have it backed-up in my time machine, but access to that would be only when my baby is reformatted.

Rant over. Time to check on how the downloads and installations are going. Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “Tech Dread

  1. I have to say this has been one of the pros of NYC. With 24 hour Apple Stores I’ve always been able to boo man appointment in the wee hours, hop on the subway and get there. London needs 24hour Apple Stores

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