Today, I went from feeling purposeful, to relieved, then inspired, encouraged, determined, annoyed, back to determined and now, exhausted. No, I am not feeling particularly emotional today, I am quite sane and stable, and I am definitely not experiencing any pre-menstrual stress. I believe that I am just being human.

It still surprises me, even after so many years of experience in being human that we are such volatile creatures, who are easily influenced by the society around us. Everything that we do affects or is affected by another person. Nothing we do (not even writing, despite the insistence of all writers) is a complete solitary action. We are communal animals, but we are individualistic.

Two juxtaposing words; individualistic and communal… but two very important human traits. We will not be able to survive without one or the other. Although we cannot really control the actions of others whilst they are around us, we can control how we react to these actions and what we allow to influence us. We can also control how we act around others, so that if we may inadvertently influence other people, we do so positively.

This is something that I am going to try myself and I thought that perhaps you would like to try it with me. I am going to attempt to be more aware of myself, my thoughts and my actions. When I am around others, I will speak slower in order to pay more attention to my actions and words. I will try and study how I react to and may influence others. In this way, I hope that I can in turn be more positive and become a happy role model!

I think, if I manage to conjure up a smile per day on someone else’s face, that would make me happy. So, be the influencer or the influenced… it doesn’t matter, just be aware and be positive!


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