New Year Propositions

New year resolutions are flying around as usual, but I am not in a position to be resolute on anything this year, so I have some new year propositions to make instead.

However, before we look ahead, let’s take a quick look at how 2012 panned out.

* Achieved a Merit for my Masters degree in English Literature
* Completed a basic Python programming course (and actually writing simple programmes!)
* Made huge developments on Earth.0 in partnership with Ari Abraham
* Met the brilliant illustrator Kathryn Pinker and started 05:11 in partnership with her
* Made acquaintances with key thinkers around the world, like Christy Dena and Sheena Iyengar
* Got my short story ‘Nine Lives’ published in an anthology called ‘Eat’ (available on Amazon) by a New York Publisher, Spectacle PMG
* Got two poems, ‘Aquilae’ and ‘Can you’ published in a poetry collection called ‘For Love and Poetry’ by Universe and Words (soon to be available on Amazon)
* Had my paper on ‘Language, Materialities and Experience’ republished on Digital Humanities Now as the Editor’s Choice
* Had my case study paper on ‘The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh by Millie Niss’ republished on Furtherfield, and through this was put in touch with Martha Deed of Sporkworld who shared the article on Tumblr and Facebook.

I take pride and comfort in knowing that my work is slowly getting recognition and support, and this has given me some hope and courage to continue moving ahead in this direction.

The crap bits of 2012… I would have to say is being unsuccessful in finding part-time work.

So, looking at the big picture, I would say that the positives definitely outweigh the negatives… so yay 2012!

What does that mean for 2013? In short, I propose to write, create, write, network, write, publish, write… well, you get the picture. January will see the completion of a novel, which I will either aim to get published or publish it myself. This year, I hope to stay focused and get my personal writing projects completed, one at a time.

As for the partnership projects that were started last year, I have no doubt that they will continue to grow and hopefully, we will be seeing some more exciting opportunities developing from them in these twelve months.

So, these are my new year propositions. If you still want to know what my new year resolution will be… then I think this poster says it best.

New Year’s Resolution

2012, good bye and thanks for all the fish!


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