Keep Calm and Remix

I’m not a big fan of the Keep Calm paraphernalia other than for what it represented during World War II. However, one cannot just ignore the Keep Calm trend nowadays as it is plastered everywhere on anything you can think of. So, being a fan of the Carry On films, I thought I would make a couple of Keep Calm posters that I… along with other Carry On fans would enjoy.


In art, we are taught that this process is called ‘remixing’, where different ideas are taken from different sources and made into a new piece of art. It is perhaps arguable that all art pieces are remixes, but the Keep Calm range is ideal in describing remixology as from its original creation, we now have a range of remixed versions so extreme that I am sure many consumers of the Keep Calm range today do not even know of its history. The remixes themselves have found their own places in the world of art, leaving their ancestors behind.

So, go have a read up on Wikipedia about how the Keep Calm and Carry On posters started.
And thank you, Ministry of Information, for this piece of art that will stay with us for a long long time.


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