Fishball! It’s November

I am softly cussing myself as I start receiving the very helpful NaNoWriMo emails, pep-talking me into what will be a crazy month, starting in two days. What have I gotten myself into?! Clearly, I have more faith in myself than I think I do.

So, here I am, sitting in front of my computer, contemplating which story I am to write. My Evernote folder for writing ideas is starting to bust at the seams with more than fifty story plots, but I think I have managed to shortlist down to three. I will need to make a decision by tonight, so that I will have some time tomorrow to begin re-plotting in more details… and writing very very soon.

So, what strategy will I take for NaNoWriMo? Since it is my first one, I will go for the gung-ho approach of two thousand words per day. That should hopefully give me enough to work with at the end of the month, to be considered a novel… give or take a few (or more) bad days (I am realistic).

I agree with NaNoWriMo that to get the novel written up, editing will have to wait until afterwards. I will be keeping The Cult of Done Manifesto in mind throughout this month, just to remind me that writing in itself is an achievement. It will be a test of my abilities, but it will also be an adventure for me, in discovering what kind of a writer I am under pressure.


So here is my announcement to the world. If I shall be temperamental, missing-in-action, emotional, a general pain in the buttocks (it sounded so polite when Neo said it last night on Never Mind the Buzzcocks) or just plain annoying… please be kind and bear with me whilst I plough through thirty days of writing.

Oh… and do wish me luck!


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