I, Author

You know how you search for yourself on the Internet? Yeah, that. :)

Today, I searched for myself on Amazon. I am there, as one of the authors for an anthology of zombie stories. The emotions are flowing en masse… but the biggest emotion is relief. Knowing that all the work I’ve put in since deciding to be a writer is slowly showing its fruits. I have always thought that I would need to self-publish to begin with, which adds to the intensity of this achievement for myself. It is not a piece of vanity publishing. I am now officially a published writer, thanks to Spectacle PMG for taking notice of my story, ‘Nine Lives’.

Ok. Now that I am slowly getting over the big-headedness for this tiny achievement, I see this point in my life as yet another milestone. The last few years have seen me struggling to maintain a sane way of life whilst producing as much as I can. Most of the time, I sit and think of how little I am doing, procrastinating and what not, but now, I can stand back and take stock of all my creations. I have since realised that writing is not something that I can do from nine to five daily. Rather, I procrastinate whilst creating and when the story is nearly ready in conception, I sit and write. Sometimes for days, sometimes hours.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a time for me to slow-down or even stop. This merely shows that I am doing the right things and that I need to keep ploughing on to keep this energy level up and to get noticed some more. It has also opened up my understanding of my own writing habits. What I do when and how.

Since I was able to balance studying full-time on my MA with my creative writing, I am now going to experiment to see how I fare with my writing when I am working. Yup, I am now looking for employment, to rejoin the active workforce. This is something that I would not have considered even a year ago, but I am happy to do so now as I have a good, reliable network of supportive friends and writers who will kick my ass if I don’t produce. Also, I have created enough projects on the go that will need my constant attention. I have basically set myself up with enough writing work to have it as a constant in my life now.

So, keep your eyes glued here for more new exciting stuff… and if the new exciting stuff don’t come as often as you like, feel free to give me a nudge.

“Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book.”
Stéphane Mallarmé


If you would like to read the story I wrote, ‘Nine Lives’, which is featured as part of the ‘Eat’ anthology of zombie stories, here are the links:


2 thoughts on “I, Author

  1. Congratulations! I’m currently transitioning from student/writer to full-time employee/writer myself. It’s a bit different, but same principle applies: you will never find the time; you have to make it.

  2. Well done Yen! I am extremely proud of you. I think if anyone I know has the drive to balance working and writing, it’s definitely you.

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