The Power of We

It is said that if every person on this earth puts their mind and effort, for even half a day, or even a moment, to something. Let’s say, to get rid of poverty… it will happen… without a hitch. Now THAT, is the Power of We. The power of a community, the power of the many. So why has this not happen?

The problem is not in the concept of the Power of We, the problem is in requiring everyone to think alike for a moment. Even for a split second, if we want to insist that everyone has the same opinion and urge to do something similar, that is an impossibility. Imagine, if everyone, rich or poor, educated or not, from different cultures, nations, and backgrounds, all have one pound to spare for charity. The charity that each person would choose would be different, because in each person’s mind, the priority for what needs changing in this world, is different.

Can we ever achieve the Power of We? Even as we consider the notion, it feels extreme. Some might even consider unanimity to be wrong, and that, is because as progressing beings, we believe that individuality promotes growth. We believe in balance, where there is good, there is evil. We believe in giving and having choices.

To grow a community of smart, creative, successful thinkers, we would have to sacrifice what we see today as the important points of being human, what we cherish as basic human rights. Let’s take Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for example.

‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.’

The key words in this Article are ‘reason’ and ‘conscience’. With both reason and conscience, it places each of us apart from the other. It gives us individuality, it distinguishes our person. It means that if we, as reasoning beings with conscience, are to ever come together unanimously, we will need to be able to come to that decision ourselves, individually.  We need to take that path alone, but arrive at it together.

I'm related to people I don't even relate to

We have just seen what achievements are individually possible, or as a small team, through the Felix and Red Bull Stratos challenge. Humans are constantly pushing to progress, to break records, to achieve the impossible. Space missions, athletic feats, world records. What we might have thought were impossible have to be reconsidered, especially as we discover new technology, develop physically and mentally to become a stronger species, and of course as we discover through learning.

Since what we previously thought was impossible is now possible, we can take comfort in having a little faith in that perhaps someday, we will be able to achieve the Power of We. Or perhaps it might be enough for us to just work towards the goal of achieving the Power of We and in doing so, be able to inspire a better humanity.


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