A Cement Hive

I walked around today, thinking and planning the next steps now that my postgraduate degree is officially completed, and I got stuck at the question of, ‘what do I want to achieve?’

In YOUR opinion, what is an achievement? In my opinion, I really don’t know anymore. Growing up, getting good grades, holding on to a decent job, maintaining a healthy, loving relationship are all achievements. However, as I learn to understand that most things are subjective and depends really on what each person’s perspective is, the basic support structure that I had grown up with starts to crumble. To make things worse, it would make all those capitalist naysayers right. Are we humans only capable of measuring positive achievements through monetary value or equivalent?

For thousands and thousands of years, achievements come hand in hand with fame, celebrity-dom and pay-offs, whether financially or otherwise. There is always some positive profit asserted on the concept of achievements, but why? Can we not be achieving by simply doing what we feel is right? Isn’t it an achievement to be an all-round decent person?

Imagine the conversations at alumni gatherings… ‘I’m a partner at this firm’, or ‘I’m a consultant there’ or ‘I invented this’ or ‘I earn so much’ or ‘I own three bungalows and a yacht’. I would love to throw in a ‘I live a neutral life and do not cause any difficulties or amusement to anyone.’ That should be the royal flush of achievements, a pure karma.

So, imagine if we learn to see our own day-to-day lives as achievements, in our own bubble, especially when it doesn’t affect anyone or anything else around us, perhaps we would live more peaceful lives. If a bee manages to invent and make cement, and creates a very sturdy hive, that singular bee would have achieved something tremendous for its species. However, at the same time, it would have affected it’s colony, destroyed their home, their food source, and perhaps kill most of its colony members.

A cement hive. Is that an achievement?


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