A Shard of Memory

Today, I got a rare moment to sit in quiet contemplation in front of a monumental piece of architecture that will surely be a large shard of memory for most Londoners. This magnificent modern building, juxtaposed against London, a city with so much history, is making itself out to be another important piece of history for the city that so many of us live in. It teaches us that the new and the old can survive together, and that they need each other to grow.

The Shard, London

With three quarters of the year already done, 2012 is proving to be a year of emotions. All around me, I saw happiness, grief, anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, confidence, satisfaction and pride. That was just from the day-to-day life… but couple that with the Olympics and the year of the (dragon) baby boom, my social community has become one that’s sports and baby obsessed. All good things, but can we pace things out and not do things in trends please?

Of course not, for we are just being human. So, for the next three months, I am geared up to gymming more, perhaps getting back into climbing… and if I dare, learn to ride (yes, a bicycle!). I will also be meeting many new humans that my friends have been busy making in the last year. Hopefully, I will also be helping friends who have gone through a tough year so far to look ahead into a brighter, happier future. I guess I will just be getting on with life like everyone else.

I just want to share something that I wrote a couple of months ago, when I heard one of the worst news of the year, on something that had happened to a friend. I felt sad and angry for I could not do anything to help. My outlet was to write. At that point, I had a verse of this poem written already (the last paragraph) for a song that Ken is working on, and I somehow knew that I had to complete it then, with those emotions.

I see it as a celebration of life, of humanity.  Can you.


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