Summer PB

What a summer! London 2012 has definitely drawn me into sports, what with my husband training for a sprint triathlon, spurring me on to do more runs and gym sessions. I even did a Health MOT at my gym recently and am happy to say that I am healthy. Now to improve and be better than just ‘healthy’.

Quietness on the blogging front generally means that I am writing elsewhere. I’ve been stressing about my dissertation, finding it difficult to concentrate on the research and write, so a few weeks ago, I sat down and and wrote a short story! Hah! It was the best solution. I find that being productive, even though it means I’m doing something other than what I am supposed to be doing, keeps me calm.

So, I wrote up a short story that has been in my notes (and head) for the longest time. It’s called Nine Lives. Pretty pleased with it, I sent it off to a friend for her help in casting an eye over the story for edits when I found out about a short story competition run by Spectacle PMG in New York. They were looking for zombie short stories and Nine Lives is about a zombie… so I sent it in. Thinking nothing of it, I was then distracted by my parents visiting us. We played tour guide in London and I holidayed with them to Switzerland, which was amazing. Then after they left nearly two weeks later, we were on our way to spend the weekend with some good friends in Ashby-de-la-Zouch (home to Adrian Mole!) when I got an email from Spectacle saying that I’ve won second prize! More surprising was the news that ‘Nine Lives’ will be published in an anthology called Eat!

This news reassures me of the path that I have chosen in becoming a writer. Hopefully it is the beginning of many publishing projects to come, but I am thankful for the recognition and am encouraged to keep going with my writing. I won’t be able to share Nine Lives here with you, but I will definitely let you know when the anthology is available.

Whilst I’ve been busy basking in the idea that I will very soon be a published writer (yay!), two other projects are also moving at a good pace now. I will be meeting an illustrator whom I met at Kapow Comic Con this year, to get going with a comic book project called 05:11. She will hopefully be helping me with another personal project, which I will reveal at a later stage. Very excited!!!

Earth.0, which I’m working on with Ari is now ready for the next stage. Earth.0 Ltd is up and running and this week will see a significant part of the project go live. Applications for project funding is being looked at with plans to put the project up for crowd funding taking priority. So, keep your eyes on this spot as if you want to find out more about this multi-platform science fiction story that spans over a millennia and if you want to get involved and be part of it, you will soon have the opportunity!

All that and I am still behind with my dissertation. With a month to go, I am hoping that I will now be driven (I do seem to work better under pressure… eek!) to dive into the books and papers and get this thing written up. As life goes on and all that… the reality of the capitalistic world that we live in continues showing itself in my bank balances, so I am back on the hamster wheel next week with a part-time job. Hopefully I will be able to juggle it all… and hopefully summer of 2012 will see a summer Personal Best for me. If not, peanut butter will have to do.


2 thoughts on “Summer PB

  1. congrats Yen on your published story! Do share the link once it’s up so we can all have a good zombie read :)

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