Make Good Art

Today, I saw a video of Neil Gaiman telling a bunch of students graduating from art school to ‘make good art’. He also said that it was important to be happy and enjoy the moment when the things we do come together as we want them to.

Today, I am excited about my second fiction project materialising, the first being this website, which I am proud to say that I still manage myself. My second fiction project is a science fiction story called Earth.0. I have talked about it before, but unfortunately, I could not leak out information then. However, now, I can proudly announce that we are launching the project at Kapow Comic Con this weekend, and the official website (which is growing, so watch that space) is up! Go have a look… and have a look again… and again…. the story will develop through various media platforms and you will be able to discover the story as it unfolds, from the beginning, from now. I hope you will be curious enough to take up this little challenge, for it is a story that seeks a little inquisitiveness from you, and in return, the revelations of the plot and connections with the characters should hopefully more than satisfy you.

Today, the ‘e’ on my Freitag bag fell off.

Today, I am excited about my third fiction project taking a little step further. This, is a graphic novel project called 05:11. I was really lucky to have been able to work with an amazing illustrator, who agreed to sketch the first drafts of the graphic novel with me. I will be armed with this as I approach Kapow Comic Con, to seek artists and publishers who might be interested in working with me on a graphic novel about two Grey Gentlemen who are Time Bankers.

Today, is Friday.

Today, I believe that I do make good art… and I shall enjoy this weekend at Kapow Comic Con when my art gets some attention.


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