101 and no, not dalmations

The arrival of 2012 and the year of the Dragon (Chinese New Year) have been accompanied by a long list of projects that I am very excited about.  With semester two on my MA kicking off on a high and welcoming us with a heavy workload, I am psyching myself up to be more productive and to concentrate harder.  Though I generally juggle multiple projects well, I don’t like it as much when the deadlines are up to me.  As a postgraduate student trying to push your own research, that is very much the case.  So, here are a few updates on what’s happening.

I am strongly considering applying for a PhD after my MA.  I have an idea of the research area that I am interested in, but to focus it for a proposal is going to take some time and quite a bit more research.  On an initial search for PhD programmes in London universities and funding opportunities, I found that for a September start, applications will need to be in by April and funding applications by February.  This leaves me one week.  It also leaves me completely freaked out.  After discussions with my tutor and some current PhD students, I have decided to take the PhD route as it comes and concentrate on completing my MA, hopefully with a decent result first.  It may mean that I will have six months to a year of doing part-time work before i can get into an academia position, but it will give me time to concentrate on a good proposal and a strong research argument.

As the semester progresses, I’m slowly finding my rhythm again.  With all our first semester papers handed in, I am just holding my breath before the results appear in a week’s time.  I will be happy for a Merit average, but I am also conscious of the fact that these are my first essays in English Literature and that maybe I should not be putting so much pressure on myself.  In any case, they have already been handed in, so whatever they come back with, I will have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes made and write better essays this semester and for my dissertation.
The new modules are very interesting and different this semester, with a concentration on more modern/contemporary literature, which I am a bit more comfortable with.  Though, there are still many historical aspects of the twentieth century that are brand new to me.  As my dissertation will probably be concentrating on contemporary literature as well, I think that this is an ideal semester to lead into a summer of dissertation writing.
Some of my course mates have a thirst for events and research in the literary, outside of the course, which sees the development of a student-driven online journal and Victorian themed exhibition/party event this semester too.  I will be participating with writings (which I will upload here too) and I will also help out where I can with the event, hoping that it will be fun, entertaining as well as educational at the end of the day.  We are also hoping that through the event, we will be able to show how grateful we are to our tutors and lecturers who have been more than helpful through the course.

Sun (The Queens of the Earth)
I started a science fiction story, which I will upload section by section on my website. Read the teaser here.
5:11 (comic project)
This sees the start of my first writing for comic.  I will be working with a good friend and brilliant illustrator, Michael Campbell to create this science fiction comic book that was inspired by Michael Ende’s story of Momo (The Grey Gentlemen).  Monday saw our first project meeting and I am thoroughly excited with the quality of work Michael has produced.  His artistic vision is in line with mine for this project, making it that much easier for us.  I can’t wait to get the first pages of the comic started, really looking forward to Michael’s drive and ideas as well, as I think he’s got lots to give to this project.
I have a feeling that we won’t be working on just one project for long… so watch this space!
Hollow World (transmedia project)
Fellow writer and project partner Ari is back in town, which should mean another push to this project soon.  I have been really slow with the writing for this, mainly because of the MA essays and deadlines, but I am getting back on the ball now.  Look out for the launch of the website soon, which will be followed with secret documents, Hollow World project details and more.  You might however have to put in a little work to find them.  Curious?  Interested?  Look out for more information soon.

So, am I excited about all these amazing projects?
Are there more that I have not listed?
Is 2012 going to be a fabulous year?
Will I need your support even more this year?

All the questions above have only one answer from me.  Also, this being my hundred and first entry ties it all together with a final exclamation of:
Aye, oh aye!


2 thoughts on “101 and no, not dalmations

  1. Good luck Yen! Your thoughts are so organised that I am sure you will achieve all your goals. Been missing you and our chats, maybe a coffee sometime next week?
    PS: Can’t wait to see the comic project taking shape here! Love xxx

    • Thanks Michele, I was just thinking of you. Would love to catch-up over coffee next week. Just let me know when. Btw, Lynn is back this weekend! Might be time for us to get everyone together for a pint or two soon. Thanks for your support! xx

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