S. O. S.

Note to reader: this is a postgraduate study blog entry.

Last week saw one of the toughest weeks for me in uni so far.  A roller coaster of emotions, it was full of highs and lows of stress and temporary relief as I started more frantic preparations for my first term essays and presentation.

After weeks of researching for an interesting but yet relevant net art piece that I can use for my Creative Digital Technology assignments, I finally found something that I can work with.  It is an online interactive poem called ‘The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh’ by Millie Niss.  Though simple in outlook, I am finding many interesting things to talk about from it, which is great.  With my research nearly complete, I am planning to finalise the presentation tomorrow and then it’ll just be doing it on Wednesday, in front of the class and two tutors who will be assessing it.  No sweat… *gulp*.

Whilst that was happening, we received the marks for our first essay that we handed in November.  Remember the one that I kept going on about?  Well, initially, I was disappointed by my results (merit) but I knew though that it was a decent result.  The comments that came back were very fair, I thought, and they are driving me to do a better job next time. However, I am also aware of how much effort I had put in that initial short essay and how little time I have for the next four large essays which will all be due around the same time.  Can I do better?  I will definitely try.

The public sector strike this week meant that my Wednesday lessons were cancelled, so it meant that I got more time doing my essay researches.  Having decided on the essay questions, I delved into the topics in search for reading and reference materials.  My room is littered with books and I am painfully aware that I need to have them read before I travel.  I really hope that I will have time during my travels to do more reading and writing, but realistically, I think the time between Christmas and the deadlines of the essays will be very busy.

So, what have I been researching about?

Culture, imperialism, feminism, gendered writing, identity.. but most excitingly, choice.  Before I had started on my current MA, I was very intrigued by Sheena Iyengar’s presentation of Choice Theory on TED.  Now, I will be researching further into it, to link up how choice theory feeds into identity.

With a deep breath, a stack of photocopied journals and chapters from books and my suitcase packed, I adjourn to the warm tropical Kuala Lumpur for my father-in-law’s 70th birthday celebrations and ten days of family fun before I plunge myself back into the depths of libraries with my nose in books.

Au revoir.  Wish me luck!


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