Catching/Giving Up

Note to reader: this is a postgraduate study blog entry.

Clearly up is the direction I need to go to, whether I am trying to catch-up or if I surrender and give up.  Don’t worry, the latter is not an option that I have allowed myself to consider and besides, I am having too much fun.

Hard work, creative work and well thought through work generally pays off.  The important thing is to believe in yourself and know you are doing good work, unless of course you are a lazy git and are not really putting in any effort.

So, what has been on my mind this whole last week?  My assignment… yes, still.  You will be glad to hear that it will be handed in in a few days, so you shan’t be hearing anymore about it after that.  Some of us from our postgraduate course have started a small closed group on Facebook.  Many of us use it to seek opinion or thoughts from others and recently, the popular topic has been on our assignment.  It is great that we exchange ideas, I think and are able to discuss any concerns, but, is there a point in which we are in danger of not being able to produce individualistic work?  I’m sure we have not gotten there yet, but I think there is a possibility of this happening.

In postgraduate studies, it is important for original, critical and analytical thinking to be present in assignments.  We had a mock marking session last week and it is obvious that where students are generally able to show that they have understood and applied learning form the class and key readings, they will pass.  However, to go beyond the pass percentage, personal critical and analytical thinking needs to be applied.

If an entire class hands in writings that have the same bibliography, would that affect the marker’s opinion of them?  I would think so.  The anxieties are clearly because this is the first assignment for us September starters, so hopefully, we will be a little more ‘in control’ for the lot of assignments due in the first week of January.

Some good news.  In a mini-project  last week, we all made a short animation and uploaded it to be played on the LED display that we have in our university lobby.  The LED display is a creation of Peter Cornwell, who has kindly loan a screen to University of Westminster for the use of its students, US!  My entry, entitled colours, was one of the four runner-ups.  Not only am I totally shocked and chuffed, I’m thrilled to get the chance to spend a session with Peter himself to talk about my entry and improvements.

Well, I shan’t be quitting my day job anytime soon yet to take up visual arts or graphic design… don’t you worry.  I’m glad to have the chance to understand what it is like to make a platform-specific design as I am sure that it will help in my transmedia writing too.

This week is a gruelling one with tons of reading to do, so you’ll probably only hear from me once the week is over!


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