Pain in riots

I questioned in my last entry as to how we would be able to get people to learn and broaden their knowledge and experience.  There are two issues to this question; how education can be made more accessible to the masses; and how to encourage people to be more interested in education, in learning.

Today, whilst hanging out with a few course mates sipping alcoholic beverages, I realised one obvious answer to the latter question.  The answer is in an anagram of the title of this blog.


Have you solved it yet?


I’ll give you a bit more time.




Got it…?



Yup, it’s inspiration.  People are driven by inspiration (amongst other things).  Whilst in our round-table discussion, which spanned from philosophy to gossip, a friend of mine mentioned that she is inspired by two of us in the group, to not take this postgraduate degree as the final part of formal education for her.  The two of us mentioned here have one thing in common; we did our first degrees a while back and have returned to do this postgraduate degree after some years of working, because we seek knowledge, really.

I was slightly surprised to be used as an inspiration model, but I realised that I do the same with another two friends, who, if you think many of us are hungry for knowledge, they are starved of it.  They probably know more about more topics than any ten humans put together, but they are humble and are continuously searching for knowledge and consuming it like there is no tomorrow.

What drives them?  I don’t know… but that is not important.  The important thing is that we all search for inspiration around us and unknowingly, we serve as inspiration to others.

I saw an article recently that asked if there are any models of trust that can be used for lecturer-learner relationships.  I don’t know if there is, but I think that a lecturer/tutor that inspires is one that earns trust and respect from students.  Trust and respect can be earned in other ways, of course, but inspiration makes it that much more stimulating.  Trust and respect can be earned from a loyal relationship, from building strong communications, but when a student is inspired in a lesson, whether if it triggers emotions of ‘wanting to be like’ the lecturer or developing further interest and yearn to research further in the subject area, it makes the learner strive to be better and better.

So, if, in our daily lives, we could all consciously try to inspire and be aware of others who inspire us, I think that humanity will then be able to take that small step nearer to being better for the want of knowledge and experience.



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