Module One

Today, I had my first class since becoming a postgraduate student again.  It was in Research Methodologies and boring as it may sound, I really enjoyed it (brownie points please!).

In truth, I did enjoy it and I came away with a lot of thoughts on how to proceed with this module, and I am bursting with energy to do it.  Having had a good long think about what my daily habits are in order for me to keep a log of my work on this MA truthfully and faithfully, I have decided to do this via my favourite means, the Internet; namely Twitter.  I realise that most of my followers are probably not interested in what I will be doing on my MA, so I have started a new account on Twitter under the guise of @YenForResearch that should hopefully attract those in the academic world, those who are interested in following the path of a MA English Literature student and perhaps those who genuinely have a yen for research.

This would be the first entry for the log, I guess.  The very beginning.  If you would like to join me on this journey, do follow @YenForResearch on Twitter.

For those of you who are reading this because you follow my personal blog and writings, I shall give you warning in any entry (like this one) that is to do with my MA.  You can stop reading from here if you want.

To help understand @YenForResearch better, here is a point-by-point background of myself to bring you up to speed.
– Studied BA (Hons) Commercial Music (University of Westminster)
– Studied MSc International Business (Birkbeck College)
– Worked as a Tour Manager for music groups (specialising in orchestras and large pop groups)
– Worked as a Projects Manager in Music Education and National Skills Training for Creative Media
– Born in Malaysia, moved to London at 18
– Lived in Tokyo for 2.5 years
– Moved back to London in February 2011
– Studying MA English Literature (University of Westminster) completing September 2012
– Writer of fiction and science fiction, currently working on a novel (chick lit) and a transmedia project (science fiction story called Hollow World)
– Massive geek
– Website:

The main drive for me to do this postgraduate degree, is to be able to research further in the area of Science Fiction and to be recognised for it.  I hope that studying English Literature will also help with my writing too, of course.  As someone who is now very much immersed in social media and completely addicted to the internet, I hope to be able to interlace my research areas with that of the current technology to help try and form a better view of what the future may be like for literature and for media.

I have also found that there seems to be a large gap between consumers of literature (in whatever platform) and of the writers, publishers and academics.  This gap is also an area of interest to me, as I hope that it can be bridged in some way, especially since technology is now making it easier for consumers to become producers themselves.  As much as this means there will be more lower quality writings out there, it also increases the competition and forces traditionalists to acknowledge other platforms and media types.

Still interested?  Then follow @YenForResearch.  Thanks!


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