Phase 32

We all go through phases in life.
Two very exciting things are coming up in my new phase.

Since I started writing, I have been working on getting my ideas into books and working towards at least a first book being finished by the end of this year.  I like telling my stories to friends in the meantime to keep the excitement going and to test the waters on how the more crazy stories are received.  I like the responses so far and one of these ‘pitches’ have earned me a partnership with my friend and fellow creative Arivind, in developing my story idea into a (HUGE) transmedia project.  Still in its early days, there’s not much to say right now other than watch this space… and to follow any leads or leaks you may come across for Hollow World.  That’s all.

Next week sees the start of my third entry into university.  I will be a student once again for a full year and I am hoping that it will help me with my writing and perhaps open up research possibilities in literature.  I am both excited and nervous and am wondering about who my classmates will be and how stressful it will be being back in school.  Being a mature student (oh how I hate that word) is definitely different.  How different?  I don’t know… only time will tell.

So, with the start of my favourite season of the year, I shall be kept busy, hopefully doing everything that I love!

Hollow World


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