Don’t worry be happy now…

One of my worst personal traits is my worrying nature, I think. It of course affects me, my life and now my writing. I worry about most things and frankly, if I can stop worrying, I think I would be much much more relaxed and productive.

Of course, changing one’s character is not an overnight task. So, to help me adapt this change into my life bit by bit, I have decided to start with my writing (since it is one of my current priorities) and publish all those articles and blog posts that I have kept in my notes just because I worried that I will be offending someone if I publish them. I know that everything will eventually offend someone out there, since the world is so vast and is populated by a broad spectrum of people with different ideas, backgrounds, cultures, principals and ethics. So, I guess what I need to learn is to be able to accept others’ opinions as they are and not as personal criticism, and actually not worry about what will be said. At the end of the day, I write because I want to communicate things to you, the reader. If you tell me something that I do not like, I can just choose to ignore it. Simple.

So, I shall now scour through my old notes, find the stuff that have been kept on the back burner for offensive reasons, put them up and probably not get any offended comments. This is going to be fun!

A good example of this is what happened to a friend of mine (Samantha Tan) today. She has set-up a website to raise funds for furthering her education at the Actors Studio Drama School in New York and being the first Malaysian to get in, I think it is a big deal. Anyway, it seems that she received a snarky comment from someone (called Savannah) “essentially telling me (her) I’m worthless compared to doctors and equating my fundraising to begging and dancing in strip clubs for money.” Wow! There’s so much to say to that! Sam performs in West End Musicals and acts in multi-platform media (TV, games, advertising, etc.). If that equates to begging and dancing in strip clubs for money, Savannah will have a real shocker when she finds out what financial institutions and banks actually do!

I take that as an encouragement to say my two cents (one yen in my case) worth and if you don’t like it, you can shove it, essentially. Of course, as I am only human, I do hope that some of you might take my point and even agree with me… sometimes.

Here’s to a bold step for me! Thanks for listening!

ps. Go to Sam’s website and support her by pledging or spreading the word!


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