16 years ago today

Once upon a time, exactly 16 years ago today, there was a girl and a boy, both studying at a school called SMDJ.  The boy’s name is Ken and he was in the fifth form, the most senior year in high school.  The girl’s name is Yen and she is one year his junior.

A couple of months before this specific day, Ken and Yen met for the first time through the introductions of their friend, Ming.  Ming was really good friends with Ken, they were classmates for a long time and always hung out at each other’s place.  Ming knew Yen from the choir club.

For Ken’s 17th birthday party (which happened sometime in May after his birthday on the 8th), Ming wanted to invite a few friends from the choir club, but Ken did not know them.  So, as polite teenagers, Ming introduced Yen, Ching and Wen to Ken beforehand so that the girls would not be crashing the party, but attending as genuine friends.

At that time, Ken and Ming’s classroom had been burnt by some pranksters, by accident.  These pranksters had actually thrown a molotov cocktail into the classroom (through the windows) causing the classroom to burn.  Only furniture was burnt and no one was hurt, thankfully.  It seemed that the pranksters had bad aim as they were aiming for the chemistry lab that was located just under their classroom.

So, one weekend before the party in May, whilst Ken and Ming were in school helping paint their damaged classroom, Yen and the choir club were in school for extra rehearsals.  She can’t really remember why there were extra rehearsals, but she thinks that it was in preparation for the national choir competitions.

Anyway, Ming brings Yen, Ching and Wen to meet with Ken.  There was a whole group of people tagging along actually, but all the guys were Ming and Ken’s friends already.  In his introductions, Ming said to Ken, “this is Yen, she’s got perfect pitch.  Test her”.

Since it was some time ago, no one actually remembers what happened exactly, but it transpired that Ken played a Dm7 chord on his guitar and Yen said ‘re la do fa, D minor seven’.  There was perhaps some sort of electricity in the air then.  Introductions made, they continued with what they were doing.

At the party, Ming asked Ken to show Yen his guitar, the Gibson Nighthawk.  Ken said no, as he had not polished it recently.  There was further electricity in the air.  The birthday cake was one in the shape of a guitar (with chocolate tuning pegs), that surprisingly came across as cool, rather than dorky.  Perhaps the electricity was numbing the senses.  :)

The weeks after the party and meeting, the friendship between Ken and Yen grew.  They spoke on the phone daily, hours at a time, long past midnight and rushed to see each other in school in the mornings (whilst still playing cool, as teenagers do).  Then, on 18th July 1995, Ken asked Yen to ‘go steady’.  Yen said yes.

I’m not sure if the term ‘go steady’ still applies to today’s teenagers, but it implies that the couple is to embark on a more serious relationship, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

That was 16 years ago today and they are currently happily married, living their lives perhaps with less naivety than in high school, but with still as much love for each other… and they will continue to live happily ever after…


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