Recently, my sister has been going through our old stuff.  Really old stuff from our childhood and calling me up to see what I want to do with all these things.  My reply for most things is chuck.  What I don’t remember having, surely can’t be that important.

Or is it really?
We had this conversation with some friends recently too, about throwing out clothes that have not been worn in over a year or even more.  The argument is that, if we can still wear the clothes, why should we throw them away?  One day, we might have the urge to wear them again.  Some things also have a sentimental value attached to it, of course.  We decided that one of the best actions is perhaps to take a photo of the things you want to throw away, so that you will always have a memory of it somewhere.
This is what I have been doing with old notes, letters and general nonsense that my friends and I used to write/draw in high school.  Sort, scan, discard.  I’ve got a stack of old greeting cards too that will need sorting through, then it’ll be photographs.  My only problem with doing this is that I do not trust that scanning and saving a copy on my hard drive, backing it up on an external drive and then on a mobile drive is going to solve the issue of future-proofing.  Why do I get this niggling feeling that technology is going to change abruptly and more rapidly in the years to come?
I guess that there is not much that we can do at this point, then to continuously ‘upgrade’ our storage methods.  I sometimes look at old photographs that were printed and think, wouldn’t it be nice to have all photographs printed and stored in albums like they were when we were kids?  But then, the quality goes and you have a bulky album to carry around, etc etc.  Will we even have anything to show in museums in future, for the late 20th early 21st century?  I can just imagine a display in the museum, with just computers, linked up to a search engine to to pull up videos, pictures and documents.  Hey… isn’t that the internet?   Ah well… I guess when we archive the internet, it’ll be going to the museum.
Sigh…. time to go discard my brains.

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