My Thinking Weather

Heavy puffy grey clouds, overhanging in the skies, covering every bit of sunlight that is trying to get through.  It isn’t dark, just gloomy, as many call it.  Now that is my favourite weather.

It is weather that says, go get cosy.  Make a cuppa tea, snuggle up under a large duvet with a book… now that is bliss.

That is when my brain goes into overdrive as my body relaxes.  Perhaps the English weather is my muse, inspiring me to write and put my thoughts down.

Well, today is perfect.  The weather is grey and cold and we are currently relaxed in a cafe, enjoying a nice cup of tea.  I am writing whilst Ken is reading.  It’s all good…. except… except… we have a ton of things to do at home.

There are things that are to be put up at home, rubbish taken out, then to get ready to head out for a wedding party this evening.  So… beautiful gloomy weather, if you would like to come back on Monday, that would be great.



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