A fortnightly urge

The recent weeks have been busy, to say the least.  Busy with finalising our flat purchase, starting a freelance project, looking at and applying for MA courses and just generally fed-up with living out of a suitcase, for three months now.

So, on Friday night, I prepared myself by completing a huge chunk of work so that I could spend most of the weekend packing and cleaning the new flat for our furniture move on Monday.  Tonight, I have two tasks in hand, finish my personal statement for an MA application and write a couple of emails for work so that it gets to the receiver by Monday.  I sit down in front of my laptop to do both things but I find that my brain will not be obedient tonight.  I find myself drawn to my blog and realise that it is time to satisfy my fortnightly urge to speak to the world.

Unfortunately, I don’t think speaking will justify today’s blog entry.  It’s more like a rant, so here goes…
I have a withdrawal from writing.
I am very excited about getting our furniture into our new flat tomorrow.
I want to set-up our bookshelf and look at our collection of books.
I can’t wait to finish the project this Friday, do a great job at it and to get some pocket money from it.
I want to use our new kitchen appliances.
I want to shop and decorate the new flat.
I want to write write write…
My book’s plot is moving a little faster in my head now than on my laptop, so I feel like I am running after myself.  I did a little research (by asking a very knowledgeable friend) to strengthen an exciting scene in the book, which is making me even more geared-up to writing it!
Oh, and did I tell you that I buckled and bought the third book from the Matthew Swift series?  I read the first two in the last week and I couldn’t hold back any longer.  Sigh.

So, the coming week is probably going to fly by with too much to do and everything done, then I’ll be a happy girl, sitting in our new flat, hopefully inspired in a new writing set-up, typing my brains out.

Did I also say how mind-blowing I thought yesterday’s Neil Gaiman’s episode of Dr. Who was?

Gaiman + Dr. Who = Perfect Match.  Bliss.


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