In celebration of my thirty second birthday today, I thought it would be fun to see what I remember from the last three decades of my life.

When I was two…
I believe I was a really naughty child.  Best to ask my parents, if you want to know the details… however, I have pictures of me in a cloth nappy with an extremely cheeky look reaching out for everything.  I have seen photos of toys, which when I ask my sister about them, I get told that I had destroyed them.  There was a mechanical dog that walked and barked, which I had de-skinned, it seems. The only thing that survived my hands was a yellow music pull toy, which my nephew and nieces still use now.  At least there was one.

When I was twelve…
I remember being pissed off that I was not the top of my class, but I managed to get four As in the national exams.  This was also the year that I started my period and was introduced to the world of bras and having boys in my class snap my bra straps and call us (girls) names.  I think I was more… one of the boys than one of the girls, but I had three best (girl) friends whom I am still in touch with today.  Definitely the best year of my primary school life.

When I was twenty two…
I had graduated and worked for a year… and I was engaged.  In May, when I had just turned 22, Ken proposed whilst I was in London on holiday and then we registered our marriage in Malaysia that November.  We spent that year end preparing to live in London afterwards… and also starting to plan our wedding banquet which was held in December 2002.  So, graduated, started work and got married… all in one year.

Whoah!  Didn’t realise before starting this blog entry that those three years of my life would be such milestones!  My, my, my… would my thirty second year live up to it all?

So far…
We have moved back from Tokyo to London and we are setting up our new home for the next few years in a flat in the City.  I have started my first novel and am working towards completing it before the end of the year.  That’s probably enough to make it a good year for another milestone, don’t you think?  Looking forward to the rest of being thirty two!

So, what did you get up to in the last few decades of your life?

Happy birthday to me!


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