The smell of coffee

Since I have been back in London, I have met up with many friends and enjoyed many conversations.  I realise though that conversations now tend to get more serious, more philosophical, more about life.  Perhaps it is age that makes us think more about what we are doing with our lives, or perhaps it is age that gives us more life issues to talk about.  Whatever it is, this whole seriousness in conversations makes me feel old and surprisingly learned.

The most important topic discussed is probably about how we would like to spend our lives.  Often we ask the question about what is life, or rather what is the point of life, which then leads to philosophical or religious answers and topics, but today, we went past all that and straight into how we want to spend our lives.  I think that is probably a better way forward.

I personally do not believe that there is any point to life.  Don’t take this the wrong way as I am not suicidal nor do I think that life is useless.  I just mean that there is no greater reason to it, other than to live it.  Humans are always seeking goals to work towards or reasons for things, and for once, I think it would be fun and exciting if there wasn’t a goal or reason for this journey we call life.  Why can’t we take each day as its own and do what we need to do as it comes?

I used to be a great big worrier, planning every plan B there is to every part of our lives like it is a great big project.  I still plan, but I’m taking things a little easier now and in many ways, I am able to sit back and actually mean it when I say, “que sera sera”.  You only need planning to get yourself prepared, as Eisenhower once said “plans are nothing; planning is everything”.

So, I wake up every morning and I do smell the coffee.  I am a realist after all.  I decide that I will count my blessings and love the life I have as much as possible.  If positive energy attracts more positive energy, then bring it on.  Those of you who know me will believe me when I say that this will not stop me moaning or say what is on my mind (whether positive or negative).  However, I think that I shall be freer and more embracing in what I say and do.

By the way, a side note… which some of you may find gross.  When I drink coffee, my pee smells of coffee.  Does yours?

Happy Friday & April’s Fool’s!



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