Quaker oats, love loads

The last four days have been life changing for a lot of people in the world.  It marked another historical moment for humankind, though disastrous.

We lived in Tokyo for two and a half years before, moving back to London merely four weeks ago. During our time there, we have experienced minor earthquakes and tremors and we know how scary it is, to be a foreigner in Japan and being aware that at any time, nature could decide to scare us with a quake.  Not being able to access local information (in Japanese) or having local friends being somewhat complacent about quakes do not help either.

Having said that, I cannot even begin to imagine how it is to be on ground in Japan during the last weekend.  I have been checking the Japan Meteorological Agency’s website periodically just to find that the tremors and quakes have not stopped.  Feeling the ground shake a few times in a year is one thing.  To have it continuously shake through a four day period AFTER a big earthquake, must be nerve-wrecking.

We should take this disaster to remind us of the important things in life; family and friends.  We should try and appreciate the small things in life more; the roof over our heads, the food in our tummies, the air we breath and the communication networks that connected us through thick and thin. I think Facebook and Twitter have never been appreciated more before!

Humans are emotional beings and emotions rely on the opposites to be appreciated.  If you felt sad and a happy moment comes by, you would appreciate it much more.  So where we are hearing about the tough situation in Japan, we should take this chance to appreciate how easy our lives are usually and to help our friends in Japan recover so that they may be happy and relaxed again soon.

During the last weekend, we were very lucky to have been invited to be part of one of my oldest friends’ most special day of her life.  Her wedding day.  We rented a car to drive out to Epping for the weekend in the beautiful country side in an amazingly gorgeous venue.  It was a beautiful day and a perfect wedding.  I was lucky as the wedding gave me the chance to take my mind off the situation in Japan and to appreciate life’s simple beauties.  The joining of two people in matrimony reminds us that where there is love, it will prevail over anything.

I have full faith that the Japanese nation and government will be able to come out of this crisis stronger than ever.  However, they just need support to get through the situation right now, before they can start thinking about the future ahead.



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