I’m in Pah-reee!

I’m helping a friend out at the Paris Fashion Week and it has been a very cool and interesting experience! Can’t really remember when I was in Paris last, but I realise that there were a few specific places and moments that I remember from my first trip here with my husband years ago.

In our first trip here, we had found a restaurant in front of the Louvre and had lunch there. It’s called Le Fumoir. We found it without difficulty this time round and had dinner there last night. Definitely as good as I had remembered.

I also remember the river and having a really romantic time with my husband, on a river tour and eating at trendy places all around. Of course, the thing that had the biggest impact on me during the first visit was how astoundingly beautiful the architecture here is. Funny thing is that the effect of the architecture now isn’t as breathtaking as it was. I guess I have been exposed to more things since… and exposure numbs the senses.

Anyway, new memories for this trip would include how much piss there is on the streets and the metro. Everywhere just smells of piss. It is actually quite gross. But, on the smelly streets, there are so many beautiful little buildings and shops that really bring out the trendy and sassy side of Paris that cannot be found anywhere else. It is quite a juxtaposition.

People are friendlier than I expected/remembered… but the French language seems to have lost some romance from it. Perhaps it is again just a numbing of my senses…?

Ah well… I am sure that Paris does not care for me nor my thoughts… though I do feel much more Bohemian, even in this short time…

Ooh la la!


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