Decision making

It’s been 11 days since we arrived back in London and it has been very productive.

Mobile phones, done.
Flat, confirmed… just moving things on now.
Airfreight, arrived.  Only shipment left.
Cats, settled in at the quarantine and visiting schedule figured out.  Will see them weekly.
Friends, slowly getting back in touch with everyone.
Most things seem pretty straight forward and are falling in place nicely.  Now that we are slowly settling back into a routine of sorts, it is time for me to think about a job… that is a paying one.  To work or not to work, now THAT is the question.

My last blog entry seemed to have triggered quite a few responses from readers.  I am glad, as I do appreciate feedback and I like to know that I am being read.  I had said that the two reasons that I would look for a job are for income and interaction with people.  What price would I have to pay to achieve the two things?  The main loss would have to be time to write.

Can I balance work AND writing?  There is a MA Creative Writing course that I have my eye on, which I can possibly do part-time if I work.  After I finished my last MSc, I had swore never to do another part-time course again whilst working as it was hectic, but I have itchy feet and an un-falterable can-do attitude now.  Is that enough?

I thought that enthusiasm and discipline had all to do with money.  If you pay fees on a course, or put in loads of money in your own business, you want to get the most of it and work your arse off to achieve something.  If you are getting paid to do a job, you want to show your bosses that you are good, so you work your arse off (and hope that they might give you even more money).  A friend said that it is not about money, but rather about attitude.  Perhaps that is right.  Or perhaps it is about both.

So, the coming month is about exploring my options and keeping all doors open, whilst I look into what motivates me, my attitude and discipline.

Can making this decision be more difficult than in saying yes to marriage or moving to a different country?


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