A racing mind

Whenever I read the phrase ” ~~’s mind raced”… I get very different reactions or feelings from it.  I love the phrase, but I never really got what it felt like to have your mind race.  Well, not until now.

Perhaps it is age or I am just getting less patient or organised, but now that our move back to London, trip back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year and my project in Beijing are all going to be happening imminently, my mind literally is racing.  I can be thinking about packing and then about something that needs doing for work, and then someone we need to contact, and then… well, you get the picture.  Reminds me of Tron.  Those sudden turns you take on the grid.  If I’m not careful, I might box myself in!  Haha…

So, this morning, to calm myself (and since Ken was out for band practice), I took a leisurely walk to McD’s to have an unhealthy breakfast whilst I finished reading a book.  I made myself not check any emails or do anything else the entire time.  That helped.  I then dropped by my gym to cancel my membership and then proceeded with another leisurely walk home.  Then I showered, feeling peaceful.

Actually, peaceful is pushing it.  I did catch myself thinking about all sorts of stuff subconsciously.  When I was conscious about it, I did put a stop to it though.  So, it was when I was drying my hair that I took time to just enjoy the moment… and I came up with this:

Ode To My Grey Hairs

As I blow-dry my hair,

You glisten in the sun,

Peeping through the black,

Like strings of diamond.

So, here is to my attempt at being calm and perhaps a little whimsical on this very sunny Saturday!

I am going to need to unitise and manage my time better to help stop this racing mind of mine.  Land of the OCD, here I come!


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