Goodbye 2010, hello 2011

2010 zoomed by like a bullet train.  I can’t actually remember what I was doing a year ago… let alone throughout the year.  There were of course key points in 2010 for me.

Today, I spent the morning of new year’s eve sitting in the hospital with my husband.  He woke up with a really bad stomach and movements in both directions.  With no clinic open on new year’s eve in Japan, we had to go to the ER at our local hospital.  We waited for about an hour before we were seen, just to be told that the doctor thinks that it is some sort of food poisoning.  Well, at least we got some medication and assurance that it is nothing more.

Anyway, by the time we were done with the hospital and pharmacy, we got home after 1pm.  I went to shop for food whilst my husband tried to rest.  I had just arrived back from Beijing the day before for some work meetings, and was looking forward to a quiet romantic new year’s eve… such is life eh?

Thinking about all that has happened today, it is humbling.  Usually we see the new year’s in at a party of some sort with champagne and booze and lots of food and friends.  This year, having to make rice congee for my husband who still can’t really stomach more than a few tablespoons of food at a time and sitting quietly in the living room whilst keeping an ear out for movements in the bedroom, I realise that it is a reminder for us not to ever take life for granted.

Health and love are the most important things in life.  With both, we can survive and make something out of our lives.

I sometimes get annoyed when my husband snores, but today, I feel comforted at his snoring.  It tells me that he is finally getting some good rest, rather than just tossing and turning.

As I write this, he has come downstairs to have some more food and has more colour in his face (though his stomach is making a hell of a lot of noise!), so I am feeling a little less worried.

So, what do I remember of 2010?  Working at Magellan, visiting a snowy London in the beginning of the year, visiting our family in Malaysia for our birthdays, a really hot and long summer, deciding to be a writer and finally taking the first steps in doing it, quitting Magellan, tour managing David Foster & Friends Asia tour, visiting a snowy London and Prague on holiday, finding out that we will be moving back to London in February 2011 and taking on the event producer role for the launch of the Flying Machine in Beijing in February 2011.

Saying it all in a breath makes it seem like a hell of year.  It was definitely a memorable one.

So… goodbye 2010, it was crazy.  You have also ended an entire decade.

Hello 2011.  (:


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