Life is like a platter of cheeses

I don’t like chocolates. There, I have said it. Never saw what the hype is all about. It just leaves an annoying taste in your mouth after you have it.

So, I propose that life is like a platter of cheeses. You never know what you are going to get. Smelly ones, hard ones, soft ones, gone-off ones, melted ones, cooked ones… I can go on.

Recently, my life has taken turns, which frankly, if these things had happened two years ago, would have shaped my life very differently. It is when you are not seeking something that it comes to you, I believe. I am going to have to remind myself not to ever seek anything ever again and I shall have everything! *cue evil laugh*… then *chuckle*

I may be a dreamer, but don’t you worry… I am pragmatic too.

There is an interesting possibility of a project coming up. The opportunity came up so unexpectedly that I am questioning it and going through it with a fine toothed comb. Perhaps I am just amazed, or that growing old has made me more cautious as I would have definitely jumped at the opportunity a couple of years back and said yes immediately.

So anyway, keep an eye on this spot, for there may be some interesting news to come!

For all of you non-believers, stop fretting. I also believe that if you want something too badly, even when you get it, the magic will not be there anymore. Chill, sit back and just take on what life has to offer you. After all, how bad can a platter of cheeses be?



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