Tokyo…. tadaima

Tadaima is what Japanese people say when they return home. It kinda means… I’m home, but in a more formal manner. The correct response, or greeting to the person returning is okaeri, which means ‘return’.

So, we returned to Tokyo on Sunday afternoon and jet lag is at its most prominent now, I think. The first few days, I just slept randomly throughout. I thought I was doing well after meeting up with a friend yesterday (thus not getting the chance to nap), but I was wrong. We both woke up at 4am, wide awake. Only managed to get back to sleep around 6am… and promptly got up again at 7.30am. That just meant that whilst I was doing some stuff on the couch, I fell asleep.

In both the Malay and Japanese languages, there is a conjugation of verbs that creates the meaning ‘done accidentally’. So if I were to say that I had fallen asleep accidentally, it would just be ‘tertidur’ in Malay and ‘nechatta’ in Japanese. I wonder why there isn’t such a conjugation or perhaps adverb in English?

The usage in Malay and Japanese differs slightly and there are nuances to the usage, as if you said ‘accidentally ate’ in both languages, you could mean either you ate a little of something that you shouldn’t have, or that you had accidentally finished eaten something. However, in Japanese, people use it for directions, especially taxi drivers. The first time I had learnt that conjugation, I was surprised to hear the taxi driver ask if I would like him to ‘accidentally enter‘ the building. If you had said that in Malay, it would be weird.

So anyway, I had accidentally slept.

I’m hoping that this means the jet lag is passing us by now and that tonight, we might start to have a decent night’s sleep, so wish us luck.

In the meantime, I am going to wrap this up now so that we can go get some dinner!

Bon appetit!


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