Prague so far

Arriving in Prague yesterday, the views from the car ride into town definitely felt like this was a communist community. I was reminded by all the cliche-ic scenes in movies… Russian spy stuff. Definitely an unfair statement as it does injustice to the glorious architecture and rich cultural history that Czech Republic has.

We are at the Hotel Jalta, which is in town near the Wencelas Square. Very central and in an old building that is now a UNESCO heritage building. It is very nice, simple and clean with good facilities. The only thing disappointing is that it does not have a spa! :)

The weather here at the moment is very cold. Lowest temperature at -9C. There is snow everywhere and we are all bundled up. Though not entirely prepared for the weather (we forgot to bring our snow boots) we are wrapped up warm enough and have been out exploring.

The buildings here are very well insulated, and in fact, a little too hot sometimes. Food is very rich and delicious; lots of meat and veg and goulash. People here are lovely and very helpful. They are also quite tall and I found that they are all good looking… quite rare to see anyone who doesn’t look nice. We are also pleasantly surprised at how widely spoken English is in Prague. It is very easy to get by.

So we walked, or rather trodden all over the city today, from the hotel to the castle, then the Jewish cemetery, then to the old square and back again to the hotel, in the snow covered roads and pavements. Our legs are aching from the specific way we walked as we had to be very careful, not to slip on the snow or ice. We also managed another excursion out for dinner, just down the road to the Christmas markets for some street food, which was amazingly yummy.

All in all, a lovely two days so far.

Tucked up in our very warm hotel room at the moment, watching the heavy snow fall from our window, we are resting for another day of excursions tomorrow. Lots of photos to be uploaded next week!

Good night!


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