Brand follower

Today, I was in the mood to shop and I went to my two current favourite shops; Onitsuka Tiger and the Apple Store. It was not a good thing to do as we ended up spending a lot of money. Of course, it doesn’t help when my husband likes the same things as I do.

So… in the last few months, I have bought myself two pairs of shoes, four pairs of socks and now a new winter jacket from Onistuka Tiger. To be fair, it is a very cool jacket and very warm too. There are so many other things in the shop that I still want to get; another jacket, some t-shirt dresses, more shoes and socks.

And as for Apple… don’t get me started! It began with the iPhone 3G two and a half years ago, then a MacBook in Jan 2009, then the Time Machine, Apple TV, (Ken’s Mac Mini), loads of softwares, and now the iPad. Yes, I finally gave in and bought the iPad together with iWorks (am already using iLife and have a Mobile Me account).

So… am I a brand follower? Unfortunately, I think so.

I just hope that the next brand I choose to like will not be an expensive one as the current brands are probably going to stay with me for a while.

I can only be thankful that I don’t really shop for girly things like handbags, shoes, accessories, etc or our bank would have been totally broke a long time back!


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