Arguably my favourite season of the year, it is finally autumn here in Tokyo. I love the crisp smell in the air that always reminds me of the start of Uni term. The dried red leaves pooling on the pavements and the warmish days with cold nights. What’s there not to love about autumn?

This year, we had a really long summer in Tokyo. Too long and too hot. Because of that, it seems like autumn got delayed too. Though it is November already, there is still a lack of falling leaves and some days, with the sun shine, it still just feels like a chilly summer’s day. Is this what people keep blaming global warming for?

I don’t know. The whole argument about environment always puts me off. Humans are naturally destroyers. The curiosity in us makes us poke and prod at things that we don’t know off until we get a reaction, which is usually too late. So what if we are slowly destroying the earth? We don’t actually know that we are really doing that… and also what it means for the future of humankind if we proceed with what we have been doing. Is it that bad?

At the worst case, earth will not be live-able (though I think it is more likely that we humans adapt ourselves to whatever environment, live-able or not, before we give up) and humans become extinct. Is it that bad? We have had a good life span which we aren’t even capable of maintaining records for, so perhaps it is not so bad to start again or to let a different species flourish.

Whatever we do, we have to remember that our actions always mirror the one key trait of humanity – selfishness. It is always about ourselves, never about others.


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