Cold turkey

I am currently on the plane to Manila for the shows and am having my first alone and calm moments to reflect, in about a week. My first thought, which came in panic was that I had forgotten to pack a book for the tour. It really shouldn’t be a big deal as the tour will finish in about ten days, but I feel…. naked.

So, with no mood nor working brains to work, I thought I would tell you all about how I am suffering from reading withdrawal. Before the tour started, I was reading the 2nd book of the Bartimaeus series. I actually started with the third (last), really liked it, then looked and bought the first two. It’s really cute, I think as it is written in a Harry Potter-esque world, but from a totally different perspective. It is London, but the government is run by wizards, and wizardry is somewhat of a status in the society. It’s quite a dark piece, with a good amount of humour, life, love, naivety, magic, deceit… thrown into the cauldron. Loads of weird mystical creatures help too, of course!

A friend had also recommended Hamilton science-fiction novels, which I had found one at Book Off the last time I was there. It was the 2nd book of a set, so I have to get the first from Amazon to read in order. The book is sitting in Ken’s Amazon shopping cart, just waiting to be clicked…. together with a Pullman book. I really should get the iPad eh? I’m still not sure if I would like reading from the iPad, but it would definitely save space and paper.

I had also been thinking about my writing after this tour. There has been a strong plot brewing in my mind for the last weeks, which I really want to develop and research further. It is a lighter read – comedy drama type which I feel is a good starting point. I won’t leak out any ideas… but I am excited about it. So much so that I think I will stop here and start working a little on it!

Stay tuned… shows are really hard work so far. Crazy days ahead, but I am sure that it will be a fast one! Looking forward to my flight on 1st November back to Tokyo, then having friends around from the 2nd…. it will be fun!


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