You are good at it

There are times that you find out that you are good at something. Maybe friends noticed it too, and family. Have you heard them say, “gosh, you’re good at this… you should become a….”

I have always accepted this statement and have even used it many times, but I have recently started to question it. Why, should someone do something just because they are good at it. Being good at something does not mean that person likes doing it, or would consider it as a career. Sure, if you’re good at something AND like it, then you’re in a good place. You probably have your career sorted, or then again, is that narrowing your choices in life? For example, if I like cooking and am good at cooking and become a chef, if I ever lost my sense of taste, that would be a bummer, wouldn’t it?

So, I propose we say, “you are good at it, so make it your back-up career plan. Go find something else to do and if all else fails… you have this!”

I have never really been happy with the jobs that I have been in, even though I have been assured by my past managers that I do a good job at them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the work and colleagues, but I was always craving change. I thought that it was a drive for something more in my career, or that perhaps I have not found my calling. It could still be either, but ultimately, I think I did those jobs because I was good at them. They fit my skill-set completely. It was a shame though as I could not settle in them. I really don’t know if I would enjoy any specific job for a long period of time, but I have faith and hope that there is a dream job out there for everyone. So let’s see.

I realised recently as well that my interest in music was because I was decent at it. I don’t think I am passionate in my interest in music as I have many musician friends (and husband!) and I know what passionate musicians do, which I don’t. I asked myself, why did I go through an entire childhood of music education? It was only recently that it hit me. I am addicted to compliments and I got loads of that when I was learning music.

It started when I was three. I started learning music and even demonstrated for Technics at that age. “Look, she is so young and she can play!” “So amazing” etc. You get the picture. This spurred me on, I think. I am a compliments junkie.

My husband told me that regardless of what drove me through, I must have some skill or talent to have kept me going for so long, and I agree. I got away without practicing much and turned to playing many different types to instruments to keep my ego satiated. I guess that ended when I got older, more mature, and had to think about a career … when reality kicked in.

I don’t regret any part of it. I still love that I have a really good ear and that I can play the viola with amateur orchestras and chamber groups and that I have sessioned with some big names and that I am ultimately still a musician. I think that it makes me who I am now. I am now ready to face the fact that I never proceeded with a full career as a performer because I am a realist and deep down, I knew that it is not for me.

I have had a lot of luck in my career since young. I am grateful that I still have the chance to stick my toe into the music industry now and again, to keep me in touch with what I had trained for. However, I am also ready to move to the next chapter. Perhaps in something that I might not be good at… but I want to be.


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