Messy office at home

In all my past offices, I have always been chastised for my extremely tidy desk. I have always told all my colleagues that it is only in the office that I am neat and tidy; and that at home, I am actually very messy.

I was thinking about this fact when I was about to start my freelance work (from home), wondering whether I will be bringing the tidiness to my home office. I am sorely disappointed as I did the opposite, I maintained the messiness since I am at home.

I realise now that this is because of the lack of specifics in my work hours. Where I worked in an office, I knew what time I ended my day. Usually, about 15 minutes before I leave work, I start to tidy up, both physically and mentally. This really helped me prepare myself for what work I had to do the next day as well as leaving my desk tidy.

So now, I don’t do that at home. In fact, I don’t ever ‘stop’ working at home. It is like a continuous session of work, with meal and rest breaks in between. I now realise that some of my colleagues with messy desks had the same mentality at the office. They were constantly working, never finishing the day off.

I don’t know which is better, or which I prefer, but I know that I won’t be able to change my work habits! So as long as I work from home, I’ll be messy, and I will have to live with it! Hah.


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