Yoga, a psycho analysis

I just practiced yoga, after a long time of not doing it and I feel totally knackered.  Why is it that standing around, holding weird poses makes one so tired?  Here’s a psycho analysis of what happens whilst we are practicing yoga.

Yoga poses are created to make you feel uncomfortable and unnatural.  No, you won’t usually sit in the lotus position and read a book, or stand in downward facing dog whilst chillin’ would you?  The positions in yoga are created to give you the chance to abandon your bodily inflexibilities, whilst at the same time abandoning your mental blocks.

I remember something the teacher said during one of my first yoga classes.  Sense the pain, but relax into it.  That sounded impossible, but then, you teach your body to accept the pain and that the outcome is much more rewarding.

There are certain positions where I find that I become physically afraid in.  Afraid that I may not be able to get out of the position if I stayed too long in it.  This automatically makes my body tense, which is counter-effective.  The constant fear – then muscle tense – then mental meditation – then relaxation – then pain – then fear – etc etc, I realise becomes very tiring.

Can you remember when you have been scared?  Your heart races and your body goes into overdrive.  This still happens even though you are not moving, which is quite an amazing feat, I think.  Your body ends up using muscles even though you are in a somewhat dormant position.

So, what does one do with this information?  We continue to practice yoga until the position does not instill any fear any more and becomes comfortable, and then we attempt a different position.



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