Hot, hot, hot!

We found a replacement for me at work… hurrah!  She’s starting on Tuesday… hurrah!  Hopefully this means that I will be writing more very very soon… hurrah!  :-)

Now that Ken has been doing more recordings, especially of us (singing, playing, etc etc.), I am getting more used to hearing my voice from the other room, whilst I sit in our bedroom writing.  It was quite off-putting in the beginning… and sometimes still is, but I am beginning to be able to remove myself from my recordings.  There is the Artiste, and there is me.  Hehehe.

Oh yes… before I forget, don’t go watch ‘Taken’ if you haven’t seen it already.  To be fair, the plot and storyline is actually quite a simple but interesting one.  BUT, I just think that the movie wasn’t made very well.  The action bits were great – comparable to James Bond and Die Hard, but where it dragged and didn’t make sense… it really fell.  Anyway, we watched it as we were curious about Liam Neeson playing such an aggressive character, which he did pull off quite well.  Quite star-studded as well.

So, anyways, to get back to the title of this blog entry, it is getting stupendously hot now.  I have, in preparation, bought SPF 50 cream AND after sun aloe vera.  You never know.  Showering twice a day doesn’t seem to be enough either.  I guess I just need to invent a portable shower!

Alrighty then, it is time for bed and that is what I shall do.  Will get some reading time (check out my current read… Vlad, the Last Confession) in, then some zzzz time.  By the way, I had to quit Amy Tan after a couple of pages, but hopefully I will get back to her… some day.

Good night world!  x


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