Need for quits!

It is becoming a pain to drag myself out of bed each morning to go to work, where my mind and heart isn’t at anymore.  Where I previously (somewhat) had some excitement in achieving the tasks at work, I now find it a chore.  I have set-up two interviews for the boss this week (Wednesday and Thursday) and boy, can they not come any quicker.

I think that human nature is really funny.  Uncontrollable, weird and funny.  When I wasn’t working last year, all I wanted to do was work.  Then I found a job and enjoyed it for the time that I was still learning.  Once I got the hang of the job, a sort of boredom kicked in and my mind started to wander into the direction of… what next.

I was deciding on what to do next when my husband questioned me quite seriously as to whether I would ever be happy with a single career.  I was insulted, at first, but then realized how well he knows me, for the answer is a very meek, “I’m not sure.”  It was because of that, that I decided on a non-usual (in my mind anyway) career path, writing.  At every point in my life, I read and I dreamed up crazy plots, which I am now kicking myself for not writing down before.  I thought that if I could do anything in the world, what would I like to spend my time doing?  The answer was write.

I now have this energy and need to jump straight into the life of a writer, but I feel held back with my current job.  Nightly, I stare at my computer and think, should I spend two, three hours tonight writing?  Some days I do it, but a lot of days, I get a little scared for the lack of sleep and rest I have been getting recently.  Doesn’t really help that it is World Cup at the moment.

My online Creative Writing Course is coming to an end this week and that makes me a little sad.  The one thing it did was provide me with enough short assignments to keep my writing and creative thinking going.  So now, I will be throwing myself into plots galore, for a couple of short story competitions that I have my eye on.

My brain is still brewing with my novel idea, which is a very novel idea indeed, if I may say so.  Perhaps I will publish a little sneak peak on my blog sometime… but in the meantime, it shall be a secret.

So much that I want to do!  But I shall be patient.  It will all come soon enough.  Good luck to the two interviewees this week!  I really really hope that you will get my job and that you will enjoy it and find satisfaction from it.

In the meantime, I shall plough on and be the good little girl that I am.  :-)


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