Football… BAH!

Even though I have not had the chance to watch any of the matches yet (not because I didn’t want to, but because of the lack of time), football has already affected my sleep.  Perhaps it will also affect my sanity.  We shall see.

Another week has nearly gone by and I have not done much writing!!!  :`(

Good news is that my final assignment is completed and uploaded, so I can now concentrate on getting through the last week of the course, then it will be looking at revamping this site.  Can’t wait!

So, another packed weekend to come… then hopefully I will have more time in my hands.  Fingers crossed that the boss likes one of the two candidates up for interviewing next week.  One handover month, then I can get right into developing all the plots in my little notebook into long, interesting stories!

Wish me luck… oh yes, and ganbattene Blue Samurais!


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