MacBook, Apple TV & Time Machine

I have been pre-occupied since Wednesday as I have been trying to organise the technology at home.  After successfully migrating my entire iTunes library to the Time Machine, I then realised that Apple TV has to re-sync.  Didn’t think too much of it until just now, when I started the syncing process.  It is taking bloody ages!

So, it might be back to the drawing board for me.  Will probably let it sit for a few weeks and see how it goes… but I know I’ll be spending a lot of time googling this problem.  If anyone of you know the solution, please tell me!

I have also started thinking about re-designing this website.  First reason is that everyone who accesses this website from a PC does not get to see all the pretty fonts that I have used.  The experience is different.  Trust me.

Second reason is that I am going to have to re-brand myself as a writer.  My website should naturally reflect the same.  Lots to think about.

Third reason… well, I like change and I think a lot of you like it too.  So, I shall be looking at ways to spice up this site to keep you interested!

Google Analytics has been amazing.  The amount of information I get from it is very encouraging.  If you have a website, try it.  It will definitely put a lot of market researchers out of jobs!… if not already!


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