Website analytics

I was helping a friend set-up her website yesterday when we decided to look further into website counters, and we found Google Analytics.  It is pretty cool.  You can help me clock-up my stats by visiting this site more often!

Anyway, I surprised myself at how geeky I got.  So far, I have been managing this website with iWeb and Mobile Me, so not too much rocket science involved.  However, for Google Analytics to work, you need to add a snippet of html coding onto the website, which, using iWeb is a bit of a pain.  If you don’t believe me… try it.  :)

I managed in the end and am pretty proud of it.  Hehehe.  So much so that I started checking the analytics site quite often to look at the hits that I have clocked up myself.  Pretty sad, I know.  ;P

So, here’s to learning another new thing today!


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