Mothers… it is your day!

Every year, on the second Sunday of May, we acknowledge the super-beings that is Mothers.  I want to dedicate this post to all the Mothers in my family.

I think that the dedication and sacrifice that a Mother makes for her family is immeasurable.  After becoming an adult myself, I have had the opportunity to observe my sibling and slblings-in-law go through the process of parenthood, only to be reminded of my own childhood experiences.

Every child is different and comes with different challenges and gifts.  As much as it is human nature to compare; as an educational process, learning from others’ experiences; the experience of bringing up each child is incomparable.

From some of the stories I have heard about my own childhood, I believe that I was a pretty difficult child.  I hope that I have grown up to be a pleasant enough adult(!) but it does make me think about what makes a child adopt its characters.  Some say upbringing, some say that characters are born with, some say something else.  I say that it is a mixture of everything and the amazing thing is that regardless of how any child is, Mothers provide them with love that is unconditional, with never-ending patience, nurturing them until they can fend for themselves (and more!).

I am not a Mother myself and because of this, I sometimes feel that I lead a pretty selfish life, thinking only of myself (and my husband and cats).  I do not know how it feels to give my life unconditionally to children, who will be our futures.  I think it is an impossible task which so many Mothers take on, without complaint, every minute, every where in the world.  I would like to pay my respect to all Mothers on this wonderful day.


You are the nurturers of our future and I thank you.


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